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The Subconscious Shift: New Approaches to Persuasion and Leadership

Why is influencing others so challenging, and how can understanding the subconscious mind transform our...
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Fostering Executive Support: Empowering CEOs for Organisational Success

The role of executives in supporting CEOs to navigate the complexities of leadership and organisational...
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Navigating Change: Harnessing Team Leadership and Dynamics for Successful Organisational Transitions

Change is the only constant, even in business, making the role of effective team leadership...
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Learning from Nigeria: The Transformative Power of DEI in Organisations

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have become more than just buzzwords, embodying essential pillars for...
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Transform Your Organisation’s Culture Into A Dynamic Learning-Driven Culture

Action Learning and Gamification: Catalysts for Strengthening Organisational Culture Creating a strong organisational culture is...
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Reputation: A License to Operate

In a world where every action is scrutinised, maintaining a robust reputation has never been...
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Accelerating Industrialisation in Africa

Africa, with its vast potential and abundant natural resources, stands at a crucial juncture in...
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Global Tech Insights: Navigating Geopolitics

In the fast-paced world of global technology, geopolitical factors play a significant role in shaping...
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Enhancing Leadership Through Inclusion

In a recent Goodmorning BSN! presentation, Dr Solomon Kpandei, a seasoned leadership and management consultant...
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