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BSNN NEWSLETTER’Lola Olukuewu is a 2011 graduate of BSN, and is the Managing Director for Always On Point Nigeria, a Brand Consulting firm located in Lagos, Nigeria. She established the company with a fellow professional and a team of competent experts. Lola has recorded tremendous success in such a short time. Her sound abilities in working and leading a team effectively, offering and implementing pragmatic solutions, and packaging or repackaging brands excellently have grown the company in less than two years of its operation.

Please share your BSN experience with us:

I was fortunate to have had a consistent career progression in employment. I was diligent, result-oriented and hardworking. After extensive deliberations and reviews, Top Management decided I could handle a struggling Division in the Group of Companies, so they put me in charge. I knew really, that I was up to the task but was certain I would need to sharpen my competence skills to drive revenue/profit. I also knew I needed a higher degree of expertise in leading the new team. This was co-incidental with my desire for a flexible, practical MBA that would also be useful in my new responsibilities. A friend’s friend recommended BSN. I went online to research about it and was impressed. I applied, started the program in 2009 and was determined to see it through by 2011 for 2 basic reasons-I needed the Action Learning knowledge in my career, and I was also going to be much more busier in the near future due to the hope of starting a family.
Based on reviews, I can confidently say till date, that I am the best leader that Division has ever had. I was also very successful in establishing policies and processes that helped grow business (during the recession), and build a formidable team. Majority of the skills I used in achieving these, sincerely, were learnt during my BSN program.
The BSN experience further built my professional confidence and competence, up to the extent that the fear of stepping out to start my own business was considerably reduced. In 2011, just as I was rounding off my BSN program, paying my final fees, and giving birth to my 1st child, I took the plunge and resigned. I’ve had absolutely no regrets.

That’s great. So what is Always On Point all about?
In all my years in paid employment, I worked with a lot of graduates, entrepreneurs, and expatriates. I also had to review tenders and various proposals for my official recommendations to Management at various levels. What I found to be constant in all my dealings was that there usually was a ‘disconnect’ between the image of the vendor, his/her written submissions, and their sample products or services. I found that there is a loop in the regular entrepreneur’s ability to effectively communicate and impressively register his brand image in the minds and decisions of his prospective or existing clients, hence the establishment of Always On Point.

That’s interesting, tell us more:
As the name implies, the company helps to package start-up and existing companies in such a manner that their perceived image is consistent with the quality of goods and services they offer, and values that stand them out amongst competitors. You don’t have a second chance to make a 1st impression, the style, standard, quality, and overall impression you exude as a brand is what will stick in your clients’ minds. We help achieve this consistency by compiling (and in many cases, printing) business letters and proposals, company and personnel profiles, loan application packages, website content, and assist with business negotiations.
Always On Point also helps to train the team on how to maintain the professional image and consistency in business correspondence and interface. Inconsistency in the right brand image sometimes hinders growth as the clients who should move one’s business to the next level is not taking one seriously. Most times, it is never too late to do the right thing, therefore the best time to get your image right is at start-up or when you decide that the comfort zone has become uncomfortable! We have exceeded our clients’ expectations, with referrals following. Many of our clients are individuals involved in Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Real Estate, Professional Cleaning, Procurement Services, Fabrics & Fashion, etc.

This is very inspiring, and significant too. How can we reach you?
Thank You. I can be reached by telephone (+234 805 581 9041), and by e-mail (lola@alwaysonpoint.com.ng). Our office is on the 3rd Floor, Africa Re-Insurance Building, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos- Nigeria.
Thanks BSN, for the knowledge and opportunity. It has been worth it in every way. We will keep the flag flying high!