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Owners Management Programme (OMP)

Programme Focus

Owners Management Programme will cut across all sectors and industries, helping owner-driven businesses achieve success in such vital areas as resilience, innovation, and scale.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To acquire knowledge of steps required to build competitive and sustainable businesses.
  • To understand how to innovate systematically in cost-effective ways that are relevant to the customer.
  • To master the business dynamics and benefits of for-profit businesses with a social impact and its importance for business sustainability.
  • To gain knowledge on the importance of entrepreneurial leadership to inspire creativity and build commitment at all levels in their organisations.
  • To develop critical skills required to continuously identify and assess new business opportunities.
  • To discover how to build a culture of excellence for sustained competitive advantage

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders and emerging stars with several years of management experience, who direct specific functional areas of a dynamic enterprise.
  • Established entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to expand their ability to take their businesses to the next level.

Other Info

  • Each participant will receive a certificate to show that their proficiency has increase.
  • Venue is online via Zoom

Programme Outline

Module 1

  • Pre-program leadership assessment
  • Project start: Identify the challenges facing your business or assess the challenges associated with a new business idea you are looking to pursue. Develop a business case for why you should continue to invest in your venture / idea

Module 2

  • Strategy, Operations, and Control, Accounting, Leadership Styles, Leadership Communications – Understand key frameworks and approaches for analyzing industries, opportunities, and your own business. Develop the initial plan for addressing these opportunities.

Module 3

  • Apply the learning from previous modules at work
  • Catalogue the successes, challenges, and failures as well as your approach while working on your chosen project in driving your business/idea

Module 4

  • Marketing, Sales, Negotiations, Persuasion, and Influence, Digital Technologies, Data Analytics, Leadership of Talent, Managing People,
  • Entrepreneurship – Analyze and understand mechanisms to drive profitable growth and achieve transformational change in your business and industry by pursuing existing and new opportunities

Module 5

  • Apply the learning from previous modules at work in areas such as data analytics, digital technologies, marketing and sales
  • Catalogue the successes, challenges, and failures along with your approach while working on your chosen project in driving your business/idea

Module 5

  • Corporate Finance, Fund Raising (VC/PE), M&A and Alliances, Innovation, Disruption, Global Markets and Opportunities, Portfolio Management, Change Management, Crisis Management – Deepen your understanding of various levers to power growth and expand your business across geographies as well as balancing competing priorities and resource allocation