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Registration Terms and Conditions

Business School Netherlands (BSN) accepts and implements internationally acceptable principles regarding cancellation conditions, postponement of programme, financial regulations and declaration. This specifically means that:

    Once a student has enrolled for any BSN programme but prior to the commencement of start-up, BSN may retain a maximum of the registration fee of N100,000 with the return of all course materials not used at that time. -After activation of any of the MBA Workshop; N500,000 is due to BSN together with the return of all course materials not used so far.
    The Student acknowledges that the BSN could consult with various credit bureaus and reference agencies, and may be required to disclose the Student’s information to these credit bureaus for the purpose of conducting checks on the Student. -The Student hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grants his/her/ consent to BSN and expressly authorizes such disclosure of any or all information on his/her/ account(s)/transaction(s) with BSN, to such credit bureau and reference agencies whether based locally or abroad, including information on the Student’s transactions and conduct on the Student’s account together with details of any non-payment or delayed payments as BSN may deem necessary. -The consent herein given discharges BSN from all liabilities, claims, and damages for such disclosure made by BSN to any credit Bureau.
    I hereby confirm that my organization has indicated its support of my studies towards the Action Learning MBA programme of Business School Netherlands and that my organisation acknowledges the Action Learning philosophy and the structure of the programme. My organisation is aware that a vital element of the programme focuses on key issues relevant to me and to the organisation and my organization has committed its full support to my studies and the implementation of projects, which are focused on real managerial issues. I hereby confirm that I have permission to execute Action Learning and the Action Learning Projects in the organisation and I hereby accept the conditions of admission as stated by BSN