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BSN FINTECH Management Transformation Programme


The FinTech Programme is an immersive programme designed to provide participants with comprehensive insights into the rapidly evolving world of financial technology. Participants through a series of interactive sessions, workshops, and case studies will gain a deep understanding of Key FinTech concepts, trends, and innovations shaping the industry.


Introduction to Fintech: Understanding the FinTech revolution, how countries are adapting to the change, and how FinTech is reshaping traditional banking.

Raising money with FinTech: Analysis of how the impacts of new forms of capital access can disrupt traditional financial institutions. Gain comprehensive insights into how FinTech can affect credit facilities of the traditional

Principles of Finance and Risk Management: Gain comprehensive insight into risk assessment models, risk management, and efficiency theory. Understanding KYC, AML, and Fraud Management

Harnessing Data with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Understand how data can be used in the financial services industry and the possibility of cloud-based applications in Financial Services.

Financial Inclusion and Decentralised Finance: Identifying the opportunities for Market Growth and Financial development. Understanding the policies, financial regulations, and infrastructure.

Programme Outline

  • Introduction to Fintech
  • Raising money with FinTech
  • Principles of Finance and Risk Management
  • Harnessing Data With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Demystifying Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs
  • Forging the Future of FinTech
  • Financial Inclusion and Decentralised Finance

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