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‘This MBA will give me a deeper understanding of the changing business environment’

‘This MBA will give me a deeper understanding of the changing business environment’

One of the highlights of our international Action Learning MBA programme is the visit to the picturesque town of Buren, where BSN’s head office is located. Hlupekile Luhana from Zambia visited the Netherlands recently for her second conference week. It was, yet again, a very inspiring week.

Hlupekile is one of the few women in her subset. The 43-year old Head Internal Audit at the Cavmont Bank in Lusaka, wished there would be more. ‘Even though it feels great and I am proud to be one of the very few women in such a group, it also saddens me because women are not confident to take up this challenge.’ She thinks women might hesitate, considering the many roles they need to fulfill, combining having a career, while also being a wife and possibly a mother. ‘Women need to be encouraged to enhance their careers and take up leadership roles.’ Hlupekile pleas.

We took the opportunity to ask Hlupekile what motivated her to register for the Action Learning MBA and how it has impacted her life so far.


1. What do you hope to achieve through the Action Learning MBA?
‘Through this MBA I look forward to obtaining new skills and knowledge that will enhance my career. Being exposed to different business practices and cultures through networking allows me to have a better overview of the business world and a deeper understanding of the changing business environment. Interacting with different people will help me build a network and as well as confidence, and it will also change my perception of the world. On a personal level, the programme will improve my leadership skills, which I can utilise in personal projects.’

2. How has the MBA influenced your personality, managerial style and leadership style?
‘I feel very confident and realise that I can be value adding in my organisation. The relationship between management and internal audit is more cordial and regarded as a partnership. The managerial and leadership style have changed where an all-engaging approach has been undertaken.’

3. What has been the biggest insight, or eye-opener so far?
‘I started my work career in 1999 as an auditor and to date I still work as an auditor. My life as an auditor has been centred on reviewing processes and procedures within organisations with weaknesses being highlighted in audit reports. The biggest eye opener so far has been that even as an auditor I can be an Action Learner solving problems as opposed to just producing and issuing reports for management’s action. This does not mean that my job will be conflicted but it will simply enhance my consultancy skills.’

4. How do you strike a balance between the MBA, your work and your family?
‘It is a challenge but I ensure that I put in the required effort at work within the normal working hours and also put in a few hours of study on a daily basis.’

5. Would you encourage more women to do an MBA at BSN, and if so, why?
‘I would strongly encourage women to undertake this programme in order to enhance their careers, leadership skills and create more diversity in the business environment.’

We wish Hlupekile all the best in the rest of her studies!